I believe that when you say, "Everything will be fine" that you are tempting the fates to foil your optimism.

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The Magic Bullet 60 Years Later

As I readied my toothbrush this morning, I noticed on the tube the words “Always follow the label.”  It took me “back to the future” so to speak. It was 1958, and school’s out for recess… my one-room school, that is, in rural Greenwood, Wisconsin.  We had several acres of land with the school, plenty... Continue Reading →

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Armistice Day in Woodstock

Woodstock High School Students take to the Streets to Celebrate the End of War On Armistice Day in 1911 in Woodstock, citizens took to the streets to celebrate of the end of war...a day to celebrate peace. In 1954, the day was renamed Veteran's Day and became a celebration of military might and sacrifice. Subtle,... Continue Reading →

1901 We heart Woodstock

From The Woodstock Sentinel Number XLVI. Number 23 December 19, 1901    A LIVELY GROWING CITY Woodstock, County-Seat of McHenry County, Illinois A City of Good Schools, Find Churches, Beautiful Homes and Excellent Advantages for the Settler – A Pen Sketch  Our object in issuing this special number of THE SENTINEL is that we may... Continue Reading →

Pigeons and People 1880-1910

My friend and colleague, Katie Wikoff, recently posted a blog “Of dovecotes and pigeonholes and ortolans and extinction” which got me thinking once again about how communication has changed in the last 100 years.  Today, we can pull out our cell and be connected in a matter of seconds with people all over the world, and... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Milwaukee – 1894

Ida Doering held her little sister's hand as they stepped across the short gangway onto the steamer.  Mama followed escorted by her son, Ida and Clara's brother, Herman.  They were taking advantage of the midweek 4th of July holiday, for which Herman, magically, had gotten a day off from work.  Mama and Ida were engaged... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of Prosperity

John Wienke about 1996 Woodstock, Illinois 1896 “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” screamed the headline.  Ed picked up the flyer to see what the fuss was about.  “Oliver Needs YOU!”  He had heard that the Oliver Typewriter Company was coming to Woodstock, but hadn’t thought much about what that meant to the community.  He was still farming... Continue Reading →

Growing Up Too Quickly

     JohnWienke about 1890 Woodstock, Illinois 1890 “How’s work?” asked Frank.  He and John were sitting on the small front porch of Ma’s house enjoying a Sunday off.  It didn’t happen very often that they were both at home.  The sun was warm on this Spring day, promising the Summer to come.  But still, the... Continue Reading →

The Coffin Changed Everything

1885 Fourteen-year-old John Wienke stood beside his father’s wood plank coffin.  It was January and bitterly cold.  He and four of his eight brothers were among the eight pall bearers now reaching down to hold the rope looped under the box to lift it.  With them all lifting together, the box was light.   They carried... Continue Reading →

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