The American West or What I Did On Summer Vacation – Prairie City, Oregon

After leaving Joseph, OR at about 3:00 P.M, we drove through a fruitful valley into the evening.  The mountains were showing their purple majesty and the lowering sun was streaming down making the drive a very delightful end to a nice day.

DSC02890  DSC02896

As we approached Prairie City, we were met by a huge Conestoga Wagon on the hill overlooking the town.  It looked very much like the real thing left there by a wagon train receding into the distance.  On closer inspection we noted additional 21st Century details, like the steel frame holding up the roof and the handrails to the seat.  Turned out to be a kiosk (on the other side) promoting the area.  Pretty exciting for a moment.

DSC02907  DSC02909

We were looking for the campground and quickly found it at the old Prairie City Railroad Depot and Museum, a wonderfully restored building with a pretty small minimum service campground, but what a quiet, beautiful site for R & R after a hot drive.

DSC02934  DSC02919

They tucked us in right behind the building and right beside a beautiful prairie rolling down to a bubbling brook.   Everyone was ready, willin’ and able to get out of the camper and roll in the grass.  Note the Kitty Walk at the side of the camper where even the felines can “get the dust blowed off” as my dad would have said.

DSC02922  DSC02923

After a cooler and restful night we drove through the town and took some pictures.  It looked very interesting with unique buildings and shops.  We wished we could wile away the day looking around and making friends.

DSC02938  DSC02943

DSC02940  DSC02941

We pulled over, and I quickly jumped out and snapped a few pictures.  How I would have liked to explore, but now we were on a tight schedule, due into San Francisco by the 4th of July, only two days hence and many, many miles to go.  As I was climbing back into the RV, a woman pulled up and parked near us; she got out and said, “Next time maybe you’ll stay a few days.”  Probably the mayor :).  And next time, we will plan on it.

DSC02942  DSC02944

And just before we were leaving town, they even gave us a parade to convince us further.  Nice little town, Prairie City, Oregon.  Making their way in the world…..beautifully.

DSC02946  DSC02930


About Sally Cissna

Sally Cissna has been an engineer, an educator, and a minister. She believes in freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the freedom of retirement.
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  1. bob cissna says:

    This is really cool sally. I dont have a computerbut i can do a lot of online reading from mt phone.


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