How Now Brown Cow by Maryon Range

My beloved sister, Maryon Rasmussen Range, who was born in 1927, left her job with the county in her 60s to write.  We have preserved a number of her passages which I have put into a book we agreed to call How Now Brown Cow.   Maryon is now 88, and I had promised to look into publishing the book.  I will be publishing it here on my blog one chapter at a time, one a month.  I hope you enjoy it.

4 Responses to How Now Brown Cow by Maryon Range

  1. Sam Rasmussen says:

    Can’t wait!


    • Sally Cissna says:

      Sam, If you want some more of Maryon’s writing which is more oriented to family matters, look at the binder I gave you with Mame’s Family documentation. I passed those out on disk when we met to intern your dad’s ashes in Lanark. If you don’t know what happened to it, let me know. Sally


  2. Jo Lyn Crofton-Kruse says:

    Aunt Sally, I spent many Sunday evenings reading the Wienke History to Aunt Marian. I was wonderfully written and highly enjoyable!


    • Sally Cissna says:

      I’m so glad that someone is reading it! I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to work much on it since I passed it out. I’ll get back into it soon, I hope. 1950-present!


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